Stream Workshops

“English for Specific Purposes” Concentrations

ELI Stream workshops, are English for specific purposes options aimed at professional English concentrations. Taught by expert, well qualified instructors, these are available at no additional cost to ELI students. Streams workshops can be used to learn English as it is used in common situations within your field of interest and acquire the language skills needed for success in your future career while working toward an “English for Specific Purposes” Certificate

  • Business English & The American Workplace

    Workshops within this stream introduce students to the language of business. Students develop written and oral communication skills that are useful in business situations. Topics include starting and operating a business, writing a business plan, and marketing and advertising.

    • Structure of Business
    • Important Business Situations
    • Creating a Business Plan
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Financing a Business
    • Communication at Work
    • Money in a Global Economy
    • Supply Chain: Product Distribution Management
    • Business Publications
    • MBA prep: GMAT Verbal
    • MBA prep: GMAT Math
    • MBA prep: GMAT Writing

    American workplace workshops are designed for students who are preparing to enter the job market or who are already working in the United States. Students learn how to interview and fill out applications and forms, make a favorable impression, and improve their ability to communicate with co-workers and superiors.

    • Your New Job
    • Workplace Communication
    • Rules and Procedures in the Office
    • The Art of Selling
  • Medical English

    Workshops within the medical English stream introduce students who are considering starting a career in the medical field to the language of medicine. Topics include personal health and nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and ethical issues in modern medicine.

    • Health and Nutrition
    • English in Medicine
    • Understanding the Human Body
    • Right or Wrong: Issues in Medicine Today
  • Computer Technology

    Workshops within this stream provide students an opportunity to explore features and functions of Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint that are the most useful in higher education and workplace environment.

    • MS Word/Outlook
    • Excel
    • Power Point
  • Journalism

    While preparing a ELI student newsletter, students within this stream become familiar with the essential elements of journalism such as feature writing, interviewing techniques, news and entertainment reporting and opinion surveying.

    • News and Feature Writing
    • Editing and Design
    • Editorials and Entertainment Writing
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

    Workshops within this stream are designed to familiarize students with language used in common situations within the fields of hotel management, food and beverage management, the travel industry, and recreation and sports management. Students practice effective management techniques while exploring principles behind customer service, human resources, finance and marketing, and problem resolution.

    • Hotel Management
    • Food and Beverage Management
    • The Travel Industry
    • Recreation and Sports Management
  • Test Preparation

    Intensive Test Preparation Labs allow students to practice and improve their skills in four language areas measured on the TOEFL iBT, the IELTS and similar standardized tests.

    • Test Prep Reading Lab
    • Test Prep Listening Lab
    • Test Prep Speaking Lab
    • Test Prep Writing Lab
    • Test Prep Vocabulary Lab
    • Test Prep Grammar Lab
    • MBA prep: GMAT Verbal
    • MBA prep: GMAT Math
    • MBA prep: GMAT Writing

With ELI Stream Workshops you can:

• Learn the language used in common situations within your field of interest.
• Acquire language skills needed for success in your future career
• Earn an “English for Specific Purposes” Certificate

  • ELI Stream Workshops are:

    • Professional English concentrations
    • Available at no additional cost with ELI tuition
    • Taught by expert, well qualified instructors
    • Offered at convenient hours at all three campuses

General Workshops

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